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Want to work in Germany? Here is what you should know

Many people cannot turn down an opportunity to work in a beautiful country like Germany. Apart from the well-paying jobs there, the natives are friendly and welcome visitors warmly. Before even thinking of finding a job in Germany, there are a few requirements you must have especially if you are a foreigner interested to work and live in Germany. Germany opens its doors wide to professionals.

To work and live in Germany if you are a foreigner, you will need a permit. If you are not highly skilled in your field of work, applying for the resident permit is the first step you should think of taking. The permit is extended annually as long as you work in Germany. Contact the German consulate or embassy in your home country to apply for the permit.

Since Germany also recognizes degree holders all over the world, there is a specific work permit for them. If you are a foreign graduate, holding a degree from a recognized university, you qualify for six month residence permit to seek employment. You are not allowed to undertake any kind of work during this period. Foreign graduated fresh German universities interested in working there can extent their current residence permits for at least 18 months. If you are lucky to find employment, you can now apply for the residence permit for employment.

If you want to employ yourself in Germany as a foreigner, the residence permit for those who are self-employed will suit you best. It expires after three years and is only renewable if your business is doing well. What do you need to qualify for this permit? You need to prove your business will benefit Germany; you need a viable business plan, experience among other requirements. This type of work permit can also be applied for by freelancers.

The German government has not forgotten those who want to work in Germany as scientific researchers. All you need is a host agreement or contract with a recognized research institute. The institute is required to shed more light on the research you want to carry out. The permit lasts for a year and it also allows you to visit and work in other EU countries without having to apply for any kind of visa.

If you want to find a job in Germany, you don’t have to worry much as a foreigner. The German government has visas tailor made for people like you. You will have a memorable experience living and working in Germany.

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