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3 Simple Steps How To Make A Website

Making a free website has never been easier with all of the website platforms now available. You do not need any web design or coding experience. Before you make your own website, you will need to decide on which website builder you would like to use. Also, some people like to use their own domain instead of a subdomains. There is a cost involved in doing this though. Below are three easy steps that make up the website building process:

Choosing a Platform
There are several options available when choosing a website platform.
They are also often referred to as website builders or content management systems (CMS).
Two popular examples include Wix and WordPress.
Most website platforms are generally easy to use. Although, some are slightly more complex than others and offer more options. For example, WordPress is more complex than Wix, however, it is still user-friendly and has more choices.
When choosing a website builder, you should consider the themes or templates that are available. Most platforms provide several examples on their main site of themes or templates that can be used.

Selecting a Theme or Template
Once you have chosen a website platform to use, it is then time to select a theme or template for your site. Many website builders already have the templates or themes categorized. Simply search within a category that suits your site to find an appropriate template or theme. For instance, if you are creating a site for a small business, you would look in the business category.

Adding Content
After selecting a platform and theme or template, you can now add content to your website. This includes text, images, and videos. By using the editor within the website builder, you can easily make changes, such as increasing the font size or inserting an image within the text. Thus, there is no HTML knowledge required and you can still have a different web page design for each page on your site. iWriter is fastest, easiest and most reliable way to have content written for your website.

By following these three simple steps, you can easily make your own website the way you like. Best of all, it can be done completely free of cost.

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